Response for Jan 18th 2015

Weekly Sermon Response“God who searches and knows us call us by name. God speaks in the hope that we are listening. Forming us and shaping us for service, the Spirit blesses us with gifts. Our bodies, minds and spirits are temples of blessing, a gift of trust from God’s Holy Spirit. Come and see. Follow and serve. Christ sends us to do great things.

Here I am. Send me. Even me.”
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Response for Nov 30th 2014

Weekly Sermon Response“We do not know the year of your coming, but we do know how to prepare: We must live as peacemakers.

We do not know which day peace will reign, but we do know how to prepare: We must clothe ourselves with Christ.

We do not know the hour when the Prince of Peace will come, but we do know how to prepare: We must pray constantly for peace and walk in the light of the Lord.”

Response to the written Word from Matthew 25: 36-44, Romans 13:11-14, and the spoken word from Eugene D. Sperazza, C.L.M.

Response for Nov 9th 2014

Weekly Sermon Response“O, Lord, we wait for you to come again into our midst. Sometimes we wait patiently; sometimes not. Always we are aware of how much the world needs you. We pray today for those in out community who need your healing and comfort. We pray for persons in leadership across our country, that together we might make wise decisions. We pray for brothers and sisters around the world, whose lives are torn apart by war. We pray, knowing that you are with us now, and that you will strengthen us to keep awake, to keep the faith, to keep working for the time when Christ will come again to surprise us anew with love and justice on earth. Amen.”
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Response for Nov 2nd 2014

Weekly Sermon Response“Lord. We are a stubborn people. As Jesus reminded the disciples to trust in God’s commandments and guidance, so we are called to place our trust and confidence in your presence. Heal our wounds. Calm our spirits and souls. Challenge and encourage our service to humankind. We pray that our lives and the work of our hands may please you and accomplish your will for creation. Push us Lord to “walk our talk”. We call ourselves Christian and Christ’s Disciples, but do our everyday lives show that? Help us Lord to “walk the talk.”

Response to the written Word from Matthew 23: 1-12, and the spoken word from Carol Rhines

Response for Oct 26th 2014

Weekly Sermon Response“Everlasting God, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Since the creation of the world, you have nurtured us with your love. And yet we shamefully acknowledge that we do not always share your love with others. We are selective about who we choose as neighbors…only those who are clean, who look like us, who talk right, who seem safe. Loving God, teach us to love you more fully. For in loving you, our lives will show love to all others, even as your love encompasses all your creation. in all generations. We pray in the name of your greatest gift of love, Jesus Christ. Amen”

Response to the written Word from Matthew 22:34-46, and the spoken word from Barbara Shudak C.L.S.

Response for Oct, 12 2014

Weekly Sermon Response“Almighty God, we hear your word. So we seek your help. Help us to think the right kinds of thoughts. Help us to think about things that are true and honorable, things that are just, pure and pleasing in your site. Help us focus on things that are commendable, things that are excellent and worthy of praise. There is so much in life that is unjust and ugly. So we ask you to guide us so that we may commit ourselves to follow your paths of justice and mercy, paths that are worthy of your calling. Amen”

Response to the written Word from Philippians 4:1-9, and the spoken word from Eugene D. Sperazza C.L.M.

Response for Sep 28, 2014

Weekly Sermon Response“We heed the words of Paul to adopt the attitude of Christ Jesus, who was in the form of God, yet emptied himself by taking the form of a slave. We recognize that true authority and power come from a life of servant hood. And that our authority and power come from our willingness to serve others as we build the realm of God here on earth. So when God calls us into the vineyards of our lives, we will go, for we know our decision makes all the difference in the world. Amen.”

Response to the written Word from Matthew 21:23-32, and the spoken word from Eugene D. Sperazza C.L.M.